: ' London signs'

The typefaces of London

he journey from the busiest railway station in London, straight away one comes across a typeface that was made and has seen a good share of its usage right here [...]

Secret signs

Some signs you might see every day without understanding the signs purpose [...]

City Limits

This is one of the factors which led to the choice of coal duties as a means of raising revenue after the Great Fire of London [...]

You, Me and Apostrophe

This may assuage the pedants among you but Transport for London is having none of this grammatical malarkey [...]

The Oxo Tower

The chances of finding an Oxo cube at Harvey Nichols’ Oxo Restaurant are practically nil, and finding a manufacturer of a meat cube, or any other product for that matter, fronting the Thames is equally zero. [...]


I think that it must be a bloke thing for every time I point out a great pun Mrs. CabbieBlog just gives me a withering look as if to say ‘will he ever grow up’. To [...]