: ' London theatre'

Going Dark

The biggest surprise from West End theatre was an advert tucked away on page 21 [...]

The Knowledge on stage

It still retains some of the great comic dialogue spoken by the examiner, Mr Burgess [...]

The Knowledge, The Play

The producers would have to be possessed with the tenacity and belief in their project, as any aspiring student of The Knowledge, to achieve their badge [...]

The Peoples’ Palace

Perched high up, towering above all other buildings was Alexandra Palace. Majestic and dilapidated, a shadow of the ’Peoples Palace` it once was named. [...]

Shakespeare in Love

It is not often that a cabbie gets to play a seminal role in a play, but this happens in one of the scenes from Shakespeare in Love written by Marc Norman and Tom Stoppard, with [...]

The Shock of the Old

Nothing quite prepares you for what must be one of the greatest experiences in London: you’ve enjoyed a pre-theatre drink looking across the Thames at Wren’s masterpiece, itself a view not seen outside any other London [...]

A Bard’s close shave

The summer solstice had just passed and on a glorious sunny June day theatre goers keen for an afternoon’s entertainment crossed the River Thames to a theatre part-owned by one of London’s most popular playwrights of [...]

Taking sides

In an age when it’s hard to get a cigarette paper between the ideology of the leaders of our three main political parties, it’s hard to imagine a time when views were so much more polarised [...]

Look Behind You

It’s pantomime time again, when small children get their first experience of live theatre and for those of you who aren’t lucky enough to experience this Christmas treat, a small explanation is necessary. Panto originated about 16th [...]