: ' London’s bridges'

A view from the bridge

Newcastle is rightly proud of its river crossings, but down here in the south we seem uncharacteristically modest when it comes to London’s bridges, curious considering we have some of the most iconic. Composers wax lyrical [...]

Underneath the Arches

For most of London’s history there was only one bridge spanning the Thames, then in a building frenzy most of the modern crossings we know today where built. With a proposed new Garden Bridge a major [...]

Lost bits of London Bridge

The first London Bridge was constructed by the Romans during their occupation of London around 50AD. It was probably a pontoon type giving a rapid overland shortcut to the Kentish ports, along the Roman Watling Street [...]

Bridge building

Thousands of my fellow cab drivers in the past have driven over the Bishop’s Bridge – known to cabbies as The Raft – little realising that beneath them (and many feet of tarmac) was as engineering gem, [...]

Barmy bridges – 3

This week saw the opening of a new river crossing, the London Emirates Air Line Cable Car, with its 34 cabins which soon no doubt will be renamed ‘Boris Buoys’ in keeping with London’s tradition of [...]

Barmy bridges – 2

The first crossing of the Thames were by boat, but it did not take much thought to realise that it was more convenient, a safer, to build a bridge to across the river. The first known [...]

Barmy bridges – 1

This is the first in a series of three about bridges that might have spanned the Thames. Americans think of Tower Bridge as a symbol of London, reinforcing that image organisers used the bridge as the centre [...]

Must break wind

CAB is one of the many acronyms learnt on The Knowledge; this one is the aide memoire for three bridges spanning the Thames at its wealthiest location: Chelsea, Albert and Battersea, and one – Albert – [...]

To God and the Bridge

On the occasional times that I’m persuaded to go Sarf of The River my first thought has to be; which bridge should I use? Knowledge students are told that because the Thames meanders on its journey [...]

Building bridges

What’s the difference between the public and private sectors, well apart from hours worked, pension benefits, and sick leave taken? The attitude of these two employee groups could not be more starkly highlighted when looking at the East [...]