: ' London’s buildings'

Ostler’s Hut

Within a short time the advent of the motor car just a few years later, he was soon out of a job and the building was never used again [...]

A trip to the Tower

A special act of parliament had to be passed making it the only building in the UK that can be legally evacuated by lift. [...]

Walled in Waldorf

“Lavish, quite bonkers . . . and rather endearing . . . " [...]

Lost London: Crosby Hall

My son recently gave me for my birthday a book which could be described as a tome Panoramas of Lost London by Philip Davies an extra large format copy containing over 200 black and white photographs of [...]

Cowford Lodge

Every month CabbieBlog hopes to show you a little gem of a building which you might have passed without noticing. The building this month is passed unnoticed by thousands of cabbies every day. VERLOOKED AS IT [...]

Marie Colvin’s church

Maria Calvin who died in the Syrian city of Homs made this speech at St. Bride's on 10th November, 2010 [...]

Avoid idleness and intemperance

In 1837 a young woman found herself the monarch of her country, she remained Queen during an unprecedented time of burgeoning industry and wealth creation, giving her name to the 64 years she reigned and a [...]

Site Unseen: Talgarth Road

Every month CabbieBlog hopes to show you a little gem of a building that you might have passed without noticing, in the past, they have ranged from a modernist car park; a penguin pool; to a [...]

Building site lines

Ask Londoners what their favourite building would be and they’ll probably say St. Paul’s Cathedral. With this in mind the capital’s favourite has been protected by a series of sightlines for decades. During its construction I [...]

A pilgrim returned

Nestled in a Kent valley is one of the most romantic houses to be found near London. Situated just outside the M25 near the charmingly named hamlet of Ivy Hatch, this substantial property is virtually unseen [...]