: ' London’s cabbies'

The toughest place to be . . .

was contacted last year by the BBC inviting me to apply for the new series of ‘toughest place to be’, in which they planned to take a London cabbie out of his (or her) comfort [...]

Little Green Gems

‘Offsales are for all but only those with “The Knowledge” get a seat inside.’ Cab shelter, Kensington Road from a bus © 1Q89 Often overlooked Green Cabbie Huts are a quaint anachronism from Victorian days and [...]

Sartorial sponsorship

I read last week that Abercrombie and Fitch are to pay Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino. No I haven’t heard of him either. He is apparently a star of MTV’s hit reality show Jersey Shore and is [...]

Paris Syndrome

For some Japanese tourists their first taste of Europe has proved overwhelming. Coming from a culture that espouses civility and respect, they had expected European capitals to have the same degree of controlled manners as that [...]

Fare’s Fair

As the site is entitled CabbieBlog I thought on the anniversary of the blog’s 250th post the time was opportune to give a little of the history of London’s cab trade. The name cab derives from [...]

A dressing down

The news recently of the untimely death at 56 of Edward Stobart – who took his father’s small haulage business comprising of eight lorries, and turned it into one of the most successful logistics companies in [...]