: ' London’s cabs'

Cabbie detritus

For years this phone has been at the front of the taxi rank in Langham Place. Totally forgotten about, it sits there waiting to ring [...]

A potted history of cabs

By granting an extension to Uber’s licence to operate in London Sadiq Khan appears to have given up supporting the London Taxi Trade unlike Bulgaria, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Alaska, Iceland, China, Taiwan. As the world’s oldest [...]

Taxis through time

We might take them for granted nowadays, but taxis have a long and illustrious history. However, if you’re looking for a quick way to get home on a Friday night, you might struggle a bit with [...]

Cab detritus

As the London cab trade continues to implode with no sign from Transport for London stopping the freefall into oblivion, today we have a photo montage going down memory lane when the Black Cab was recognised [...]

Taken for a ride

London is an expensive city and for visitors the cost of airport transfers can make a sizeable hole in the holiday budget. For this Guest Post Ezekiel Ayonrinde who works on behalf of AAA2B Cars writes that [...]

Back to Black

It now has been 17 years since I started pushing a cab around London looking for fares and in that time I’ve probably driven most post-war taxis. Even before I had qualified going to a trade [...]

What is a cab?

. . . and what’s not. For years the London cab has been easily recognisable by tourists and residents alike, its design reminiscent of a more gentle age of old fashioned continuity and dependability – well [...]

End of the road

They were once described in Parliament by Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli as “Hansom cab are the gondolas of London”. In a recent poll by Hotels.com based on responses from 1,600 travellers found that passengers were more [...]

Old cabs never die . . .

A few days ago I was contacted by a retired London cabbie to tell me to his obvious delight that his 54-year-old cab he had bought new was still alive and kicking. The vehicle had somehow [...]