: ' London’s roads'

Twenty’s plenty

I’ve always thought of the 30 mph speed limit in London as having been imposed since the dawn of time. The recent seemingly draconian measure by many local authorities to reduce this to a blanket 20 [...]

The Non-Mad Way to Run a Car in London

Driving in London is hard work – I should know. In this Guest Post Daniel Solomou promotes the use of the Toyota Aygo and has some sage advice for London motorists, you could, of course, jump [...]

Goswell Street Road

One of the oft used and pointless pieces of trivia is that the City of London has no ’roads’. The Square Mile has streets aplenty, along with ‘Lanes’, ‘Gates’, ‘Gardens’, ‘Docks’, ‘Places’, ‘Alleys’, ‘Hills’ and ‘Yards’, [...]

Twenty’s plenty

Islington Council has a long history of discouraging the use of cars within its boundaries; passengers have told me of having their cars taken to the car pound one day after their residents’ permit expired. Another [...]

Goodbye Piccadilly

Goodbye Piccadilly, Farewell Leicester Square or so the World War I song goes. Last week we could have been singing that verse all over again as a sector of the West End reverted back to a [...]

25 x 25 x 25

hirty years ago a friend of mine took our son and his lad for a Sunday afternoon stroll and in the days when civil engineering was not carried out 24-hours a day, he decided, for reasons [...]

Jaywalkers assist drivers

“In towns we may need to start considering some radical schemes such as removing kerbs so there are more hazards – like pedestrians – around your car. Our research suggests that this might actually improve people’s [...]

Circle of Fear

I had been on the Knowledge for two years and was starting to gain confidence in my ability to navigate around the City of London, when on an appearance my examiner handed me a pamphlet. “You’re to [...]

Slow boat from China

If ever evidence was needed to support the claim that London’s streets were paved with gold the place to find it would be Exhibition Road. This three-quarter-mile long road is undergoing a transition that in the [...]

Mounting concern over humps

report has recently been posted on line by honest john who seems to prove what many of London’s cabbies have been saying for years. Analysing hundreds of complaints from drivers who say ‘sleeping policemen’ are wreaking [...]