: ' London’s shops'


He invented the phrase ‘Only – Shopping Days until Christmas’ [...]

Cyber Satan

I think I might have sold my soul to the devil, or at least the cyber version of Satan for recently I’ve been given the latest version of Amazon’s Kindle the Voyage, instead of going to [...]

World’s most expensive teabag

. . . and other trivial facts about a Knightsbridge store that’s not in Knightsbridge but Brompton Road. Harrods opens its doors to 100,000 shoppers a day rising to 300,000 at peak shopping for Christmas, it [...]

Churchill’s chair

It’s a little known fact that you can still find in smoke free London places where one can enjoy a cigar while drinking one’s coffee. St. James’s Street has some of the capital’s oldest shops, Locks, [...]

Harry Gordon Selfridge

Over the years Harry Gordon Selfridge has had many immitators: Swan & Edgar, Dickens & Jones, Bourne & Hollingsworth, Marshall & Snellgrove but none have matched him for innovation and flair and knowing how women wanted [...]

Saving for a rainy day

First invented in China over 4,000 years ago when some enterprising chap took the parasol that had been used to provide shelter from the sun and waterproofed its paper cone with wax and lacquer rendering it [...]