: ' London’s streets'

Name changer

Pity the poor postman (or cabbie) when trying to locate some misspelled parts of London. You would have thought that after years of use some kind of conformity would result. When writing about London’s New River [...]

It’s a Corker

Cork Street is a short thoroughfare in Mayfair lined with art galleries, having gained its name from the 1st Earl of Burlington who also happened to be 2nd Earl of Cork in Ireland. It was he, [...]

Passport for Pimlico

Just south of bustling Victoria lies a little enclave comprising some of the quietest streets in London. It is an area full of intrigue and scandal, so isolated yet near to the seats of power if [...]

Little Green Street Blues

Heritage and history, you can’t get away from it nowadays: Restoration Home, Downton Abbey, Antique Roadshow; touch your remote and up pops another programme reminding us of our past and the need to preserve it. On a [...]

Quality Street

A rare view of Buckingham Street, by John Niemann, 1854, where Dickens lived briefly in 1834. David Copperfield lived here too. Note the York Water Gate in the background, still visible today. n a little backwater [...]

Cabbie’s Monopoly – Part V

Now we have visited most streets and squares on my Cabbies’ Monopoly board, it’s time now to build a house. The houses in the true 1930s Monopoly fashion should be semi-detached with bay windows with the [...]

Cabbie’s Monopoly – Part IV

Returning again to the 1930’s Monopoly set that I discovered in the attic. This time it’s all about money ‘Pass Go and Collect £200’, £200 doesn’t seem much today, but remember you can buy Mayfair from [...]

Cabbie’s Monopoly – Part III

Here is another CabbieBlog excursion into my old 1930s Monopoly set that I found in the attic, this time crime and punishment is featured in our less enlightened times. Take the punishment meted out to banker [...]

Regency Retail Park

If you should jump into a London cab and direct the driver to Locks he should drive you to number 6 St. James’s Street. That is according to the website of London’s most famous hatters, James [...]

Cabbie’s Monopoly – Part II

You can tell that Monopoly was devised in a more relaxed and gentler age. This, our second trip into Cabbie’s Monopoly, we find a square entitled ‘Free Parking’; for in the 21st century free parking for [...]