: ' london’s toilets'

Toilet Caper

ondon’s lost loos, were until the 1950s famous the world over, these magnificent Victorian edifices, both decorative as well as functional, were built in the first place simply that the government saw them as essential to [...]

Goldilocks Hotels are just right

The ignominy, being thrown out of a hotel for the second time; it happened to me last week quite unexpectedly. The hotel in question, which uses Scotland’s national flower for its trademark, has decided that cabbies [...]

100 years down the drain

Readers of a delicate disposition should log off now for today’s post is about well . . . spending a penny. With a surname like Crapper you would have thought another choice of vocation would have [...]

An In-Convenience Truth

Westminster Council who aspires to become the most anti-social borough in London must be fearful that it is in danger of losing its ranking. For not content with pursuing a regime of traffic enforcement that the [...]

The Human Lavatory

Gentle reader one day you will come, as I have now, to a time in your life when finding a toilet becomes not a distraction but a necessity. London loos, until the 1950s, were famous the [...]