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Power to the people

Cabbies pass it every day of their way to the Wyndham Grand Hotel or when taking a shortcut through Chelsea Harbour with hardly a glance in its direction and like its younger sibling Battersea downriver, Lots [...]

Rich men’s basements

Recently I was taking a couple home after they had been to the theatre. They were the quiet, courteous generation that grew up in the 1930s and 40s, expensively well dressed in a subdued way rather [...]

Make do and mend

n a world obsessed with the throwaway culture, London has a few examples of recycling parts of its demolished iconic buildings, not to save them for posterity, you understand, but to maximise the developers’ profits.  An [...]

Say No to NoHo

My dream of immortality has been dashed, CabbieBlog’s birthplace has been demolished and the old Middlesex Hospital site is being redeveloped. In a re-branding exercise unmatched since Datsun decided to pick Cherry as their new car’s [...]

A Phoenix Arises

As part of a CabbieBlog series with the imaginative title The Buildings of London we focus on another London architectural delight. The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom and the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, to give [...]

David v Goliath

he English will always cheer an underdog – no matter if they are English, Scottish or even French – in the interests of fair play, another ideal the English hold in equally high esteem. The English [...]

Save Little Green Street

I recently had a job up to Highgate and it gave me the opportunity to see the folly of local council planning departments. Not content with allowing a vast expanse of ugly housing at the end of [...]

The Saddest Building in London

Unlike its smaller sister in Bankside which successfully transmogrified into a galley for modern art, this iconic industrial building has remained empty for over 25 years. Both power stations were designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, [...]

The road less travelled

It has now become the norm for local authorities to close roads for weeks, months and even years on end to allow private developers to get rich quick (well in the current economic climate not quite [...]