: ' road signs'

ConSIGNED to history

The preferred typeface was the German DIN (Deutsche Industrie Norm) the plainest of faces used on German car number plates [...]

Not a good sign

On a recent trip to Dorset I was obliged to the local authority for erecting a sign which informed me that the adjacent beach was subject to flooding, it’s always good to know what hazards lay [...]

The lost apostrophe

Harrods cast it aside in 1928; Selfridges followed 17 years later, but by then Gordon Selfridge was too busy having his way with twin showgirls The Dolly Sisters, than worry too much about what went over [...]

The Yellow Peril

Call me a naïve cabbie – something I am often accused – but I thought that the yellow police appeal signs were a sensible way of helping to solve crime and not merely a vulgar way [...]

A Sign of the Times

England has roads that are built to be safe with good surfaces, consistent lane widths and good visibility at junctions, but that is where it ends. Forests of metal poles supposedly warning the driver of death-risk [...]