: ' road works'

There’s gold in them thar holes

London these days is beginning to resemble California’s gold rush of 1849, everywhere you look somebody is digging a hole and staking their claim. If you are a regular passenger in London’s cabs you should look [...]

An In-Convenience Truth

Westminster Council who aspires to become the most anti-social borough in London must be fearful that it is in danger of losing its ranking. For not content with pursuing a regime of traffic enforcement that the [...]

The Burghers of Trumpton

Patrick Moore must know if there is a parallel universe in London. For most of us who use London’s roads encounter inappropriate speeding, overtaking on the nearside, rude and careless drivers, and a complete disregard of [...]

Cock-up or Conspiracy

All right I know we have been here before, but I’m back to the old chestnut, road works. The road works and the planning, or lack of planning, has now in London reached epic proportions. It [...]

Whinge for 25 years

This is whinge of the week or should it be called whinge of the next 25 years? Listened on the radio today and they said there are now over 580 different scheduled road works in London, [...]