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C4: The Knowledge

The Knowledge: The World's Toughest Taxi Test - Channel 4 [...]

Blue Book run number one

It is the only Blue Book run that many Londoners know – Manor House to Gibson Square. The prospective cabbies’ itinerary the Blue Book – which had of course a pink cover – and nestled between [...]

Knowledge Newsletter

Today marks a new chapter in the life of CabbieBlog. Starting in March a monthly newsletter will be published giving information and insights into every aspect of the knowledge. As a London cabbie I’m always being [...]

Have you got The Knowledge?

She describes her blog as: ‘A city through the eyes of a girl who’s not sure how she ended up here’. For someone who is unsure of her place in the Metropolis, Flora, author of The [...]

Mr. Ormes’s parrot

This time of year many are nervously in the throes of examinations fever. It’s an annual ritual performed for generations. Today with nothing better I can think to write about I’ll return to being examined while [...]

Fare grounds

Mirroring many traditional skills the cab trade is facing fierce competition, just as steel making and motor car manufacturing did in the 1980s the licensed London cabbie is under threat. It is a sad fact that [...]

The Knowledge Alphabet

Today we have a guest post from @knowledgeboy10 whose blog London Taxi Knowledge records his journey that starts with buying a scooter to hopefully receiving his Green Badge so he can work as an all London [...]

A little Knowledge

There are apocryphal tales of Knowledge students trying to learn about London from the top of a bus. Another tale has it that a student only studied the A-Z maps, but as the fictional Mr Burgess [...]

Knowledgeable mnemonics

  Acronyms By taking the first letters we have created: WASP The four streets that go from St. Leonard’s Terrace to South Kensington Junction – Walpole Street, Anderson Street, Sloane Avenue and Pelham Street. CAB Chelsea, [...]

Those were the days

Stan decided to start The Knowledge in the 1950s. Here is his story . . . It was the first week of January 1957 and I had decided to do ‘The Knowledge’. I had found myself [...]